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What Should You Be Sleeping On?

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I’ve been obsessed with my hair for years. Maybe because I envy the tresses of my youth. Maybe because I’d like to use my hair as a rope one day. Maybe because I’m trying to be a mermaid (it’s definitely this one). Regardless of my unrealistic reasons, I want long, luminous length pouring forth from my scalp. You dig? However, for someone who is so centered on the dead strands coming out of her head and the condition they may be in, I do a LOT of damage to my hair. Or at least I used to, which you can read about here.

When I realized I needed to change my high chemical processing ways and find a better solution for my hair, one of the first things I did was get a better pillowcase. When sleeping, your hair rubs a significant amount on your pillowcase. Depending on the material and quality, you can succumb to some major damage just from your bed linens. Yikes! I new I needed to upgrade. But let’s be real, I was on an extremely tight budget at this time. We’re talking single mom, living at my mom’s, going to school to become a nurse, and on federal aid kinda tight budget. So naturally I went to Walmart (’cause when you need cheap, you need cheap), where I purchased the closest thing I could find to what I actually wanted (which was a silk pillowcase) and got a red satin pillowcase. Looking back I should have done more research on actual fabrics because I would have discovered satin isn’t a fabric at all but a weave, meaning how the fibers were woven together. Satin can be soft but it’s certainly not silk and you can actually have a satin silk (confused yet??) but the best choice for your hair and skin health is by far mulberry silk.

I admit I had a lot of reservations about how silk is produced. I don’t like the taking of life and that is how the silk fibers are extracted, by killing the worms inside the cocoons before they hatch out and destroy the silk strands. However the alternative of synthetic fibers has far worse consequences and side effects for our world, so I have learned to make my peace with sustainable natural fibers and how they come to be. Silk alone is an incredible fiber, but when using mulberry silk the qualities overflow. Strong, durable, soft, microorganism fighting, and biodegradable. Really what more could you ask for!

Alas that was not the purchase I made those many years ago. I had convinced myself that I was sleeping on a budget friendly version of a silk pillowcase and that it was a great alternative. Let me just tell you right now, it wasn’t then and it certainly isn’t after years of wear and tear! I recently had noticed my hair was tangling more during the night and seemed really dry on the ends. It was becoming a battle of what products I should use to combat this and yet my problem wasn’t improving. Then I stumbled onto mulberry silk again and with my new view on sustainability I decided to purchase a set of 2. I washed them as directed, by hand, and hung them to dry then put them on my pillow for the night.

I wasn’t really expecting that much of a difference, it certainly felt like a nice upgrade but I’d been sleeping on a soft pillowcase before, right?

HOOOOOOOOOOOOMG no! It was like I had slept on a bed of clouds and awoke with cherubs laying flowers around me and angels singing Hallelujah nearby. The sun rose only to shine down on my oh so radiant hair. I had no need to comb it now as fairies had done so while I slept, imbuing it with their ethereal elegance. I was no longer mortal and no longer belonged to this realm. I was able to say “I woke up like this” and it was true. I…was a goddess!

At least that’s how it felt. And no I’m not joking, that’s literally how it felt. I had never had SUCH an amazing hair day, and it lasted all. dang. day. That was how much of a difference ONE NIGHT made for my hair! I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t believe it. I think of all those years doing my best to grow long strong healthy hair and struggling. I could have just invested in some quality pillowcases and most of the work would have been done for me! The worst (and best) part is they’re not even that expensive! For less than $35 I got 2 king sized mulberry silk pillowcases that are 22 momme (that’s how they rate the strength of silk fabric). Wish I woulda sooner*sigh*. But on the bright side now you can see for yourself and experience the softness that is next to Godliness.

Now to save up for a set of mulberry silk sheets!

What’s one swap you made for your hair that changed your life?

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