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DIY Upcycled Key Catch Tutorial!

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I’m gonna step out on a (real thin) limb here and say I hate purses. I hate having to stuff all my stuff into a petite bag and huck it around on my shoulder every which where I go for the day, screwing up my posture all the while. But I also don’t like spreading all my things across the table or countertops; where I misplace them or my kid will grab and take off with them.

I need somewhere to hold my few items that I actually NEED; something that’s not going to become a Mary Poppins bag of wonders in a week! So I decided to turn an old bread pan into a catch all! It’s the perfect size for all my junk: sunglasses, wallet, keys. It even holds my sunscreen in case I forgot to apply some earlier! Check out how I made it below!

Also here’s the list of supplies to make your own!

My husband drilled two holes in one of the long sides of the bread pan about halfway between the top edge and bottom; large enough for a screw to fit through and hold snuggly to the wall.
You can admire his fine craftsman ship from the drill and my *ehem* very fine paint job
This was after a few coats to give a good solid base. Ugh I’m so sloppy when I paint, but I wasn’t worried about perfection since I knew I was adding more layers with texture.
This thing was pretty beat up before but that’s what makes it the perfect upcycle project!
Here I used a sponge brush to add some darker hued blue and texture, blending it near the center to soften the lines.
I took some metallic bronze paint and thin brush to create that sort of marble cracked look. *Bonus-kitty photo bomb!
Another angle so you can see the shine (and my cluttered craft desk, yikes!)
Pictured here but done before the flowers, I splattered some metallic paint around to give a speckled appearance. These are the 2 types of brushes I used to paint the white flowers you now see on the pan. I pressed gently and overlapped a lot to create the petals, blending a bit here and there. Notice how I hid that little metal spot *proud grins*
Here’s the full front after all the flowers were painted on. I only did flowers on the front since that was the main part exposed and well…I’m lazy 🤷‍♀️
Ta-da! Finished product! I experimented with a few pink colors on a paper plate until I got the hue I was after then blended it delicately at the center of the flowers with the thin brush I used to do the metallic lines.
After the pink dried, I used the same brush to do the dark yellow centers, lines, and dots. Then accented with small lines of black near or on the yellow stem lines.
Finally once everything was dry and set, I did 2 layers of mod podge to seal and protect it. You can see it’s not perfect in some spots but I’m not selling or gifting it so I could really care less. It’s pretty and does a great job catching all my stuff right at the door!

And there you go! Super easy to do, and you have total creative freedom for what you paint! Share yours in the comments!

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