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6 Items for Those Sunny Days

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We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. But this can be extremely tricky when you have sensitive/eczema prone skin, which I and my kiddos all do. So I’ve gathered together some of my top skin protection recommendations.


Of course this is number one! It’s one of the most important things you can actively do to prevent premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. I’ve struggled to find a good all around sunscreen that hits all the marks AND doesn’t make my skin react. I recently fell in love with Raw Elements SPF 30. It’s a non-nano zinc oxide-so it’s reef safe and without endocrine disruptors-it’s in a reusable metal tin, and it didn’t set mine or my kids skin on fire when we used it! (I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened with sunscreen, so I was seriously elated). They’ve also got a stick version, tinted version, and bottle version. Here’s the link so you can take a look. I really love this brand in general and they are EWG certified, so I feel confident buying and using this product.

Driving Gloves

This is one that I think skips most people’s minds. Even though some of us may apply sunscreen to our hands, it washes off as soon as you wash your hands. When I started to notice age spots on my hands I sort of freaked out, realizing my hands get way more sun exposure than anywhere else on my body. All those driving trips to destinations for hiking? Ya, my face was in the shade of the car but not so for my hands. Here’s some from Coolibar that are unisex with multiple sizes and have a 50 UPF rating and end at the wrist. Here’s the longer version to cover the forearms, still with that 50 UPF. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper alternatives, they are made from a cotton blend which only has UPF of 5-25. You’re not getting the protection your hands need from all that sun exposure.

Oversized Hat

Ok confession time: I love hats. ESPECIALLY stylish, over the top ones. The fact that they protect your face, neck, shoulders, and hair from sun damage is just a big bonus as far as I’m concerned. I’m a little obsessed with these from the San Diego Hat Company, the white is my fav. The extra wide brim gives you extra protection and extra pizzazz. It’s just all around extra! There’s also these from the SK Hat Shop if you’re looking for some additional styles in more colors. As an added bonus, these are the hats my boys use! And of course, I got them in matching prints because #twinning!

Light Jacket

It can be hard to find a cover up that gives sun protection without over heating. I know I’ve struggle with it in the past. I really love this one in white, and here’s a plus: white reflects light so it helps to push some of the heat away, keeping you cooler! There’s a lot of variety out there so whatever style you’re looking for, it’s likely that you can find it in a protective UPF fabric.


It’s not just your skin that needs to avoid too much sun exposure, your peepers need it as well. Fact check: polarized lenses refers to glares being blocked (like from shiny things on the boat across the lake, or the lake itself), you still need to make sure they say UVA and UVB protection to reap the benefits of tinted eyewear. Also look for 100% UV protection to be sure all the light is being filtered. There’s literally thousands of styles for sunglasses that meet these criteria, so have at it my friends! Every bodies face is different so I’m not recommending anything specific on this one. Oh and don’t forget the babies too!


This might be my favorite thing on this list. It’s got sentimental value to me since I still have the paper parasol from when I was 5. 😲 (I’ll share how I repaired a few rips in it another time) And it’s such a pretty accessory that really stands out in a crowd. Plus you can use it’s shade to cover a lot on your body or to help cover someone next to you! I’m warning you now though, you might get sucked down the rabbit whole that is handmade paper parasols. They are all exquisite and unique and UGH…I just love them. There’s fabric ones too and I can’t look at those or my husband will start questioning where all our money is going. Don’t be like me, do better lol.

And there you have it! Some really great products to keep you safe this season and for many seasons to come. One thing I’ve come to know: skincare and wellness are an investment. Not only in the items that help you achieve your goals but also and investment in yourself. You are valuable and should invest in yourself 💗

Any sun protection tips you’d like to share?

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