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Staycation: Vacation On A Budget

You may not have heard of the term “staycation” before. Until a few years ago, certainly I hadn’t. One of my co-workers at the time told me how she was taking her grandkids for the weekend and they were doing a staycation at a local hotel. I instantly thought this was genius! You get all the fun of going someplace new, usually with a pool and free breakfast, without the 2+ hour drive to get anywhere out of town. Because no one wants to hear “Are we there yet” for the entire car ride anywhere.

I’ve compiled some fun places that you can look for in your local area. Plus if you’re in the Treasure Valley you’re in luck, because I’ve gathered some specific sites to check out on your next at home adventure!

Bed and Breakfasts

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This is first on the list because I prefer to support local business as much and as often as possible. Plus you get a very unique and non-cookie cutter experience. Usually each room has it’s own variation of theme, it’s own personality so to speak. Plus I’ve seen some AMAZING bath tubs in these places that are worthy of royalty. Check out the local B&B’s in your area and meet the wonderful people who own it during your stay!

For my Treasure Valley peep’s, here’s a list of some of the top rated B&B’s

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For those unfamiliar, this is where you stay in a home or room that someone rents out for short term use. Some people have their entire house available; others have just the upstairs for use or have separate rooms with people staying in each. I’ve included a link to AirBnB’s website since what’s available depends on when and where you plan to stay. You can have very unique experiences in some really amazing homes. I find this option works best if you have multiple people pitching in together and you all rent out a nice house for the weekend or how ever long. Book these well in advance since they tend to fill up fast!

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As long as the weather permits (unless your into snow camping, go you!), camping is a great cost effective option! There’s nothing quite like getting out in nature and sleeping under the stars. Many of us have fond memories of sitting by the campfire with our friends and family, telling stories or singing songs, and munching on s’mores. This is also a wonderful way to get and stay “unplugged” during your staycation. If you’re looking for a digital detox-this is your top option.

Reserve America is the main choice for booking campsite online. They tend to fill up fast (especially in Idaho) so plan on booking this 6 months in advance. They also have links to hunting/fishing, RVing, and hiking. It’s honestly a great resource to keep in your back pocket for future use. Other online booking links are Recreation.gov, Hipcamp, and Go Camping America.

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RV Rental

For those who prefer a mattress over a cot and sleeping bag, there’s always renting an RV! The great thing about this is there are SO many RV parks that you can staycation at. Most of them have additional amenities and/or beautiful scenery. Plus you can book your stay using the links from the camping section above! RVing and camping kinda go hand in hand.

You might be asking yourself, “How do I rent and RV?”. You can literally google search it; people rent out their RV’s via AirBnB, Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, and most other forums. Or you can get one from a specialized RV renting facility.

If you’re in the Boise Area here’s the top rated facilities

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Chain Motels

These may be common but it doesn’t mean they are always run of the mill. You can usually count on consistency with larger chain hotels/motels. Plus they typically have all the amenities you come to expect with staying at a location. They also tend to be more cost effective than some of the higher end luxury options, while still keeping comfort as a priority.

For the locals, here’s some centrally located chains

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Chain Suites

This kind of mixes in with the chain hotel/motel category, but these usually have only suites available and therefore a higher price point. These also are going to be more luxurious and have nicer amenities such as fine dining on sight, spa/salon on sight, extravagant pool, etc. Look for “suites” in the name of where you’d like to stay to help filter out other options. This tends to be a better pick if you’ve got older kids who can appreciate the finer atmosphere or just going as a couple for some alone time.

Here’s some of the best suites in the Treasure Valley

I hope this list has inspired you to get out there without feeling like you need a large budget to do something fun for the weekend! Let me know where you’ve stayed in the comments!

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