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6 (More!) Sustainable Items For Daily Life

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In my previous post I went over a handful of items I use regularly that help make a greener ecofriendly impact. But immediately after I published it, I found myself thinking of all the other items we use in our house that just didn’t make that list!

So I made a new list! 😁 Here are 6 MORE things you can swap to have a positive effect for our planet!

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Wooden utensils

There’s a lot to be said about the wealth that can be found in wood. It’s sustainable, biodegradable, and when cared for properly, can outlast many of today’s modern products. You can go cheap or expensive depending on your budget and desires. Even the expensive ones aren’t that pricey when you consider the investment and the quality of product you’re receiving.

Lotion Bars

We all know that most lotion comes in plastic bottles with plastic pumps. Why not cut those out of the equation all together and use a lotion bar instead! I like this set from Botanical Bars, 3 fragrances and under $20; that’s a deal that’s hard to beat. These melt with the heat of your body and are great at locking in moisture or replenishing the skin when you are in need of some hydration. You can also make these yourself and it’s surprisingly simple! Check it out here.

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Beeswax Wraps

This tends to be a great first switch item because it is so versatile. Use them to cover bowls, use them to wrap fruits, use them as little boxes when folded right, and as placemats for your lunch. Most packs come with a few sizes or you can also make your own like I did using this bar and some cotton fabric! It’s not difficult and is certainly cheaper, plus you can pick your own patterns for the fabric. One thing to note, you WILL have to reapply the wax mixture and process in the oven every so often to maintain stickiness, regardless if you DIY or buy premade. I like this set because it comes with the beeswax to retreat and a produce bag!

Reusable Q-tip

We finally made the switch with the rather popular LastSwab. I purchased one for each member of our household, in the regular swab, and one beauty swab on the off chance that we’ll need it some day. So far the boys like them, though these certainly feel different from a cotton swab. The company also makes tissues and face rounds that are reusable, plus some kits for carrying or getting started.

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Bento Box

When my 7 year old started going to a public charter after us attempting homeschool, I invested in a bento box for his lunches. I love that they are reusable and usually dishwasher safe. Plus the layout helps to keep his food from getting smushed in bags. I really love this one because it comes with literally everything you could need for lunch and some fun picks to brighten your kiddos (or your own) meal!

Flour Sack Towels

I’m just gonna go ahead and through my husband under the bus (sorry not sorry babe 🤷‍♀️). He loves paper towels and by that I mean the man can go through a whole roll in literally 3 days! I don’t even know how he does it. So when we had our 2nd kiddo I decided we were not going to be burning through paper towels any more and purchased some flour sack towels. They are super cheap, pretty soft, and we plan on tie dying them once we aren’t using them for sticky fingers and faces. Gotta do that upcycling baby!

There’s always amazing stuff out there to start making simple switches for a greener lifestyle. I’m sure I will do another post related to this topic ( I was seeing all the other items I didn’t go over in my house screaming “pick me, pick me!”). Until then: love yourself, be kind, and make better choices!

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