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I Permed My Colored Hair….And It Didn’t Melt!

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Here’s the immediate before and after shots! I just love the texture of it now so much!

I’ve always had straight hair, like….painfully pin straight hair. And of course, being human, I’ve always wanted curly hair! My only issue was that since high school I’d been coloring (note that I’m the one doing the color, not the salon) it at least a few times a year, and had always been told by well meaning (and probably accurate for my hair at the time) hair dressers that I couldn’t color AND perm my hair. I was told it would melt.

Well after having melted it myself (#truestory) and growing it back out, plus the pandemic helping me keep my no color policy, I managed to have healthy hair that could tolerate a perm. Now let me clarify: I had year old color on my length and my ends had been processed twice (both times with dark color) and I always baby my hair. You can see some of the products I use here. This worked for me, but I am not necessarily recommending you go out and do it! I found a great stylist who does perms on a regular and has been doing hair for close to 20 years. I had a consult before and I recorded the last 2 years of history for my hair because yes I’m that obsessed after ruining it myself!

During the process, rocking that mask and rollers look 😎

Now my hair didn’t come out completely unscathed. I had to take some inches off that were pretty fried but we waited a few weeks to let my hair settle into its new style and then trimmed it up. Also there were a few places were my hair actually DID melt off. I didn’t notice it until they started to grow back. They were at sections where there was a part and only a couple places. Not sure why but I’ll be letting my stylist know when I go back for a touch up.

Also I gotta say, it’s very different to style curly hair as compared to straight. I never did anything with my straight hair, no styling products unless for special occasions. But with curly I HAVE to do something with it or it just looks kinda unkempt. Here’s my post on the products I’m proudly using.

This last shot is of my hair 3 months later. The curls are still very intact but have softened a bit, plus I know how to style them now! Overall I love my permed hair and I can’t see me not keeping it. It’s more work but I love how I look and I feel that these curls fit my personality.

Any crazy hair adventures you’re thinking of trying? Let me know in the comments!

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